Majestic - Until I Collapse [audio]

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Producer: Rameca Records
Music: Ear 2 Tha Beat
Lyrics, Sound Recording & Mastering: Majestic
Photographer: Alexander Nagy
Photoshop Designer: Vassil Vassilev



Procrastinating again?
Oh, you feel tired?
Hah…you don’t know what tired is…

[Verse 1]

If you look at me eyes, they be blood shot red,
I am not high but lately I have not slept,
Except, the night, that I was erect,
So I called up your bitch to pay a visit to my bed,
Beluga caviar for one, like James Bond said,
Fuck a bitch and get back to work instead,
Do your shit, ‘till there’s no ink or lead,
I’m a thoroughbred, I’ll work ‘till I’m dead,
This is why I’m ahead and I get head,
‘Cause the ladies see that I strive for success,
Fail all the time but I still don’t stress,
Knowing you’re a tool only dressed to impress,
Bless, like a pawn, you’re so useless,
Can you guess who I’d be in a game of chess?
Nothing but a king – yes, yes,


‘Till the break of dawn I’ma keep on fuckin’ goin’,
All throughout the night and all throughout the mornin’,
Let me do the work and I’ll let you do the moanin’,
Can’t stop now ‘cause my destiny is callin’,
‘Till I run laps all around you chaps,
‘Till the audience stands up and claps,
‘Till my time on earth, does elapse,
I’ma write raps, until I collapse!

[Verse 2]

The sense of accomplishment is so rewarding,
Which is why I’m still recording in four in the morning,
But according to you I’m doing it all wrong,
According to me you’re not doing anything at all,
I fall when I ball but I still stand up tall,
And although I’m still searching for my fucking flow,
I bet you be feeling this and you be like “wow”,
Fuck a friend or a foe, ‘cause I prefer a hoe,
Below the belt, and you go “is that my girl yo?”
I say “I don’t know” and I laugh my fucking ass off,
That’s because you don’t fight or stand up for shit,
And I, will kill you, for a single slice of bread,
Which is why every day that I get out of bed,
The devil looks up and says: “oh shit, here goes Majestic!



Three in the morning again,
With a whole lot of work for tomorrow,
But whereas you would go to bed now,
I won’t stop until I’m done,

[Verse 3]

If you’re not first, you are last,
My hard work has your talent surpassed,
By contrast you have barely passed,
For your help – I have never asked,
My time to shine has been long overdue,
Life’s what you make it, not what it makes you,
Listen! You can learn from my point of view,
Get the fuck up and say “I am true”,
And “I will do anything to have the guts,
So I can grab this world by them nuts”,
Gotta live like so when you die,
People at your grave will shred a tear or cry,
NOT that you died and did so and so,
Have them know that you died, and change the globe!