Spain's Socialists Wins Andalusia Vote, Podemos Makes Strong Headway: Poll

Spain's Socialists are set to win regional elections in Andalusia, with the People's Party, in power nationally, coming second and upstart Podemos making a strong headway, an exit poll by a regional public television channel showed on Sunday.
The vote is the first test of new parties and a forerunner to a national election later this year, and comes against a backdrop of economic recovery which has done little to whittle down unemployment affecting one in four in Spain as a whole and one in three in Andalusia.
The poll gave the Socialists up to 44 seats in the regional parliament, the PP up to 35 seats and Podemos up to 22 seats, according to the poll. Other newcomer Ciudadanos and former communists of Izquierda Unida are set to win up to 7 seats each.