Uber Drivers Threaten Rebellion

Uber is valued at 40 Billion dollars and is growing by leaps and bounds around the world. But drivers in London are rebelling. S ome drivers say they can work a 60-hour week and still struggle to make the minimum wage. Uber is expanding fast in the UK. It has 15,000 drivers in London and has secured licences to operate in 16 other locations,
But now there are signs Uber is facing an uprising from within. At a recent meeting, drivers spoke passionately about their struggles working on the Uber system. They complained of falling pay, a lack of response from Uber to problems with difficult passengers, and a constant fear of being blocked from the system, especially if a customer complained.
Some drivers have tried to organize a switch-off, in which hundreds of them would gather, turn off their apps and so deprive Uber’s network of its lifeblood. But it hasn’t happened yet and is a big risk. Uber drivers are self-employed and can easily be starved of work if the company chose to block them.