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Israel's envoy to the United Nations, Danny Danon, spoke out against Palestinian violence during his intervention at the United Nation (UN) headquarters in New York, Friday. He said that Israelis are "being stabbed, bombed, run over and stoned" by Palestinians in a "tide of terror" that "spares no one: babies, children, men and women." He then showed a picture with instructions on "how to stab a jew," claiming that he took it from a Palestinian text-book used to teach children. Regarding the eventual peace process that could be set up to bring the situation back to calm, he stated that the only way to achieve this are "direct negotiations" with "both sides sitting at the table," without preconditions. He also emphatically stated that Israel "will not agree on any international presence on the Temple Mount". His statements clashed with the latest figures from Palestinian medical sources, that shows that more than 30 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli soldiers since 1 October, and more than 1,700 injured. At least seven Israelis have been killed during the same period. Violence has escalated in recent weeks in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories as long-simmering tensions over the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in East Jerusalem, and the continued construction of illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, have come to a head.


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