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Thailand: Pope Francis addresses officials in Bangkok’s Government House

2 21.11.2019 Инфо

W/S Pope Francis along with Prime minister of Thailand Prayut Chan-o-cha arriving, Bangkok’s Government House
M/S Pope Francis and Chan-o-cha walking
W/S Officials waiting for Pope Francis in Inner Santi Maitri Hall
M/S Pope Francis arriving in Inner Santi Maitri Hall and heading to podium
W/S Officials
M/S Chan-o-cha addressing audience
M/S Pope Francis sitting on chair
W/S Pope Francis sitting on chair and listening to Chan-o-cha
M/S Audience
M/S Pope Francis walking up to podium
M/S Chan-o-cha and other officials
W/S Pope Francis talking
M/S Officials listening
W/S Pope Francis talking
W/S Pope Francis finishing speech
M/S Audience clapping
M/S Pope Francis leaving
W/S Pope Francis and Chan-o-cha leaving
Pope Francis addressed Thai officials, civil society representatives, and diplomatic bodies in Inner Santi Maitri Hall in Bangkok’s Government House on Thursday.
Pope Francis reportedly condemned the exploitation of women and children in his speech and urged for a more welcome approach to migrants.
Ahead of the visit, the pontiff had said he was traveling to Thailand and Japan 'to strengthen the bonds of friendship that we share with many Buddhist brothers and sisters.'
Pope Francis is set to speak at two public Masses in Thailand. He is also scheduled to meet King Maha Vajiralongkorn and the leaders of Thailand's Buddhist community.