The Aussie Startups You'll Be Seeing on Your Apple Watch

Following the sneaky non-announcement of the Woolworths Apple Watch app on Monday in San Francisco, two Aussie startups are also ahead of the curve.
Invoice2Go, an Australian small business accounting app, that received $35 million in funding in October from US venture capital heavyweight Accel Partners, has announced it is moving onto your wrist.
Invoice2Go will be ready to roll on the launch date, April 24, and will give you tools to compliment the current invoicing, expense tracking and operational abilities of the mobile and desktop apps.
Airtasker, an Australian task marketplace startup, also agrees with this principle and has been moving forward with development of an Apple Watch app, despite not having seen an Apple Watch. The company has used the specs in the Watch Kit provided by Apple to get an app ready for launch in May.
Airtasker, founded in Sydney in 2012, allows people to outsource tasks to other people. Task seekers can bid on various tasks to complete in return for a certain amount of money.