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Russia: Moscow mayor inaugurates underground system's 200th station

8 15.02.2016 Инфо

Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin inaugurated the Moscow Metro system's 200th station, 'Salaryevo,' on Monday morning.
At the opening ceremony, the mayor thanked the builders of the station, saying that Moscow's underground network is the "best metro system in the world, one which we can be proud of." He drew a symbolic line on a map of Moscow's underground network, connecting the new station to the rest of the system.
The station is now part of the oldest Moscow Metro line, 'Sokolnicheskaya,' and is located beyond the Moscow Ring Road, in the south-western part of the capital. The immediate district is considered part of the 'New Moscow' project which will provide local residents with faster connection to the city centre.
The station is designed in a Constructivist style; the walls, ceiling and floor are clad in colourful tiles, while the walls next to the railway lines are decorated with painted glass. Despite the station being one of the most modern in the metro system, it is clad in classic marble.
The massive programme to extend the Moscow Metro system includes the installation of over 160km (99.40 miles) of railway track and the construction of 78 new stations. The scheme is aimed at decreasing the load on the current metro network and providing underground mobility for 93 percent of Moscow's residents.