Greeks in New York Brace for Euro Crisis Fallout

The financial crisis in Greece is having far-ranging impact. The largest Greek community outside Greece is glued to the television as businesses fear empty shelves and residents worry over their homeland’s fate. Costas Mastoras runs Titan Foods, a food import company based in Astoria, Queens, in the area known as Little Athens. It is said to be the largest Greek city in the world other than Athens itself. The store was still well-stocked on Wednesday with olives and olive oil, Greek juices and nectars, biscuits and Halva and spreads. But with Greek banks closed and the country in crisis, many of Mastoras’ more than 400 suppliers are unable to provide him with stock. Some have opened accounts with British, Swiss or German banks to try to get payments through, but despite this, Mastoras told the Guardian he had no idea when his next shipment might arrive.
On Sunday, Greece votes in a referendum on whether to accept austerity measures.