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Colombia: Borders closed to contain demonstrations

1 21.11.2019 Инфо

M/S Border patrol on Simon Bolivar International Bridge, Venezuela-Colombia border
W/S Venezuela-Colombia border
M/S Border employee refusing entry
W/S Border patrols
W/S Mobile migration control hotspot
M/S Border control employees at mobile migration control hotspot
M/S Border patrol car
SOT, Christian Kruger, General Director of Migration Colombia (Spanish): "Those who come to Colombia to commit crimes and criminal acts in our country will be prosecuted, regardless of whether they have papers. It is a simple process, which I can explain quickly right now. When a foreigner is detained, either by our police or the CTI (Technical Investigation Team) and they are unable to produce papers, responsibility for them will pass on the migration authorities of Migration Colombia. In that moment, we will do the individualisation of that foreigner."
M/S Mobile migration control hotspot
W/S Police driving passed
W/S Police officers
M/S Kruger with colleague from Peru's National Superintendence of Migration
C/U Peru's National Superintendence of Migration logo
M/S Police agent
M/S Police agents
SOT, Frida Rosana Del Aguila, Peru's National Superintendence of Migration (Spanish): "Ourselves, as migration authorities reject any kind of intervention by foreigners. In these situations, the relevant authorities are our Colombian brothers, from Colombia, in this case. Well, I think the migration authorities are going to act in an emphatic manner to prevent the participation of foreigners and follow up on expulsions."
W/S Patrols near Simón Bolívar International Bridge on Venezuela-Colombia border
M/S Police agents
M/S Police agents walking passed
W/S Police agents riding motorcycles
Colombia's borders will be closed ahead of planned mass demonstrations later this week.
Director General of Migration Colombia Christian Kruger visited the Venezuela border region near Cucuta on Wednesday.
He said the authorities would prosecute those who "commit crimes and criminal acts in our country".
The government announced the move after it received intelligence that foreign actors were seeking to infiltrate the planned anti-government marches.
The border closure, which began at midnight on Wednesday and runs until Friday early morning, will apply to land and river crossing points with Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Venezuela.
Regional neighbours Ecuador and Chile have experienced waves of unrest, while Venezuela is still mired in economic troubles.