USA: Weed activists light up outside White House, demand federal reform

Hundreds of marijuana activists rallied outside the White House in Washington D.C., Saturday, in a bid to have cannabis removed from the list of highly controlled Schedule I drugs.
The event was organised by the D.C. Cannabis Campaign and was aimed at getting US President Barack Obama to sign an executive order removing marijuana from the list, without needing Congress' approval. A group of protesters brought a giant 15-metre long (51-foot) inflatable joint to the event, but security prevented them from carrying it into the White House grounds.
Activists also held banners and waved flags promoting the use of marijuana and at 16.20 local time (20.20 GMT) a large number lit up joints. Despite being an unpermitted protest no arrests were made. However police did issue several tickets for smoking marijuana in public, which remains illegal in the District of Columbia.
The use of marijuana remains illegal at a federal level in the United States, despite a large number of states passing legislation permitting its use either recreationally or for medical purposes.