Apple Watch: Finally To Hit Stores (With or Without Ado)

Ready your wrists: The Apple Watch is coming to seven more countries on June 26.
Apple announced that Italy, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and Taiwan are the next wave of countries to get the wearable.
The watch will not only be available in Apple stores and online, but also in boutiques in Milan, Seoul and Singapore, continuing the company's march toward high-end fashion.
Some who ordered their watch just hours after it was available for preorder on April 10 were told it wouldn't ship until June, while some orders placed in May shipped two weeks later.
Rumors have swirled about production issues that significantly limited the supply. For some customers, the choice of brand often meant the difference between waiting months or weeks. But the Apple Watch's release in more parts of the world, coupled with its launch in Apple Stores, could mean a solution is in sight.