Spain: NPD’s Voigt commemorates Franco’s death with Falangists in Madrid

Several hundred far-right Falangist protesters marched through Madrid, Friday, to mark the deaths of the group’s founder Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera and former Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, respectively.
Udo Voigt, member of the European Parliament from German National Democratic Party, addressed the protesters. During his speech, Voigt stressed the importance of the "nationalist movement in Spain" and called to fight against "Islamist invaders.". He said: "They arrive in Europe as a flood and they need to be stopped and sent back... Like our fathers had done, we have to build a strong Europe; otherwise we will lose our continent to foreigners."
Franco passed away on November 20, 1975. Following his death Spain began a transition to democracy, with the country’s first elections since the dictator’s passing occurring on June 15, 1975.
De Rivera founded the fascist Falange Espanola ("Spanish Phalanx") on October 29, 1933. Following the founding of the Spain’s Second Republic, and de Rivera’s opposition to the new government, the Falangist leader was arrested and charged with planning a military insurrection against the Republic. A guilty verdict soon followed and de Rivera was executed by firing squad on November 20, 1936.