Majestic - Ain't Holdin' Back [audio]

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Producer: Rameca Records
Music: Nine Diamond
Lyrics, Sound Recording & Mastering: Majestic
Photographer: Robert Dittrich
Photoshop Designer: Vassil Vassilev



Holla at your boy bitch…yea


There ain’t no holdin’ back,
No matter the pressure I caped on,
I can face it, I gotta give it my all.
(Look at me)
I ain’t holdin’ back,
It ain’t hard to find me,
I’ll be the world,
With the hood behind me.
So if you’re trying to do what I do,
Just know, that I ain’t holdin’ back.

[Verse 1]

I never hold back,
Matter of fact,
I always stay strapped,
With at least two gats,
While in a dark black Cadillac,
And all you hear is click-clack,
Followed by a white flashback.
Did you hear that?
Since I aimed below your hat,
Probably not.
Fuck tit-for-tat,
I go like motherfucking Mortal Combat.
(Get over here)
See, I don’t give you a second chance,
So you can fuck me over once again.
I just pull you out of your Cayenne,
Shoot up all your men,
And then,
I watch on CNN,
How your death couldn’t have been avoided even if you rolled with the fucking UN,
And even if I count to ten,
I still wouldn’t hold back – amen!


[Verse 2]

If time flies, then I fly with it.
Biggest luxury – best believe it.
Equivalent to currency – I admit it.
True fucking story – all I do is spit it.
Moi, I just give it,
My all and very best,
It’s what separates me from the rest,
Cause when I see a fake breast,
On some woman’s chest,
I don’t get impressed.
Be her puppy – fucking pest!
See I was blessed,
With the gift of life,
Come between it – I introduce you to my knife.
That goes for Mr. Wilders and his fucking website.
Lucky – that I don’t know where you reside,
Cause I’d come to your house and rip out your windpipe.
Squeal like a piggy, while your wife
Tries to hold me back, alright?

[Chorus 2X]