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Spain: Pro-independence protesters egg police at general strike demo

2 18.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Pro-independence protesters gather at La Rambla, Barcelona
M/S Crowds starts marching
M/S Demonstrators marching
M/S Demonstrator wrapped in Catalonia's flag
C/U Protesters hold signs reading (Catalan): "It's the street, we are the people, it's defence"
W/S Protesters marching towards Barcelona port
M/S Police in riot gear
M/S Police in riot gear block street
M/S Police and protester stand off
M/S Police and protester stand off
C/U Police holds their batons ready
M/S Police charging with batons and retrieving banner
C/U Police officer with egg yolk on helmet
M/S Police uniform with egg yolk
C/U Egg yolk on uniform
C/U Smashed egg on the ground
W/S Police standing in line
M/S Protesters blocking traffic
W/S Protesters marching
M/S Protesters marching into tunnel
W/S Protesters blocking traffic inside tunnel
W/S Protester marching and blocking traffic in tunnel
M/S Protester wrapped in Catalan flag, cars blocked
W/S Police overseeing port area as protesters march
W/S Protesters hold banner
W/S Police stands by, crowd marching
M/S Protesters marching past the police
M/S Protesters marching past the police, Barcelona
Thousands of protesters blocked roads and a tunnel in Barcelona's port area on Friday, during a general strike called by pro-independence unions to oppose Monday's Supreme Court ruling against nine separatist leaders.
Clashes erupted as riot police charged the first row of protesters with batons and retrieved one banner. Protesters then responded throwing eggs at police officers.
Crowds later moved on to block traffic in a tunnel and shut down a street for nearly one hour.