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Vatican: Empty tombs offer no clue to missing teenager mystery

34 820 11.07.2019 Инфо

M/S Teutonic Cemetery gate, Vatican City
M/S Gravestone
W/S Priest blessing tomb
M/S Tombstone
M/S Workers chiselling
M/S Workers chiselling
M/S Workers chiselling
M/S Workers removing tiles
M/S Investigators taking photos
M/S Workers sawing
M/S Investigator observing
C/U Investigator holding debris
C/U Investigator with camera
M/S Workers opening tomb
M/S Investigator descending into tomb
C/U Investigators drilling
M/S Investigators drilling
M/S Investigators removing tiles
M/S Removal of second tomb lid
C/U Evidence
C/U Evidence
W/S Dome of St. Peter's Basilica
The Vatican said the two tombs that were opened at the Teutonic cemetery on Thursday failed to shed light on the disappearance of Italian teenager Emanuela Orlandi. Footage shows workers removing tombstones and tiles to find empty spaces underneath.
The tombs of Princess Sophie von Hohenlohe and Princess Charlotte Federica of Mecklenburg were opened after the Orlandi family received an anonymous letter suggesting the girl's remains might be at the cemetery.
Emanuela Orlandi, a citizen of the Vatican, disappeared on her way back home from a flute lesson on 22 June 1983. For more than three decades since the incident, the family hasn't stopped efforts to find her.
The Vatican also said that the tombs did not contain the remains of the two princesses thought to be buried there.