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Russia: Domestically produced combat-jets to give market boost - Rogozin

2 18.10.2016 Инфо

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin visited Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG's manufacturing complex in Lukhovitsy, Moscow region on Tuesday, where he inspected the aircraft manufacturing process and met with MiG and United Aircraft Corporation officials.
Speaking at a meeting with the officials, Rogozin said "we will not support the policy encouraging the purchase of foreign aircraft any longer when similar aircraft can be produced on the territory of the Russian Federation."
Discussing the new IL-114-300 in development by MiG and Ilyushin design bureau, Rogozin said it should be made "to the highest standards," adding that "with its flying characteristics, comfort and its reputation it should be in high demanded inside the country and have a large export potential."
Rogozin said that in the face of a "shameless battle" allegedly led against Russia, the country could "win only by creating equipment which is a head taller than the equipment offered by our opponents."