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"Kevin" the flamethrowing transformer wowed audiences attending Berlin's Maker Faire, Sunday. Designer Mike Wessling constructed the propane fuelled 9-metre-high (29 ft), 5 metre-wide (16 ft) art piece from a square shipping container, also making Kevin his own transportation box. Kevin was inspired by a request from the organisers of the first Burningman Decompression Event held in Amsterdam in 2014, asking Wessling to create a flame show for festival goers. On the way home from the meeting, Wessling had the idea to create Kevin, and after making a mini-cardboard model of the structure and feeling satisfied that it would work, he began a four week mission to make the full-scale structure a reality. Wessling hopes to secure funding for his next project which promises to be even more ambitious: a shipping container that transforms into a six legged, flame-throwing creature.


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