USA: State of emergency declared following deadly police shooting in Charlotte

Footage filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Thursday morning, shows the aftermath of violent clashes between police and hundreds of protesters that erupted overnight during a demonstration against the fatal police shooting of African-American man Keith Scott.
As the result of the clashes at least one gift shop has been broken into, and many hotels, banks, restaurants and bars were vandalised. People could be seen sweeping up shattered glass and repairing their damaged property. The second night of violence prompted North Carolina governor Pat McCrory to declare a state of emergency and deploy the National Guard. At least one person was seriously wounded and several arrests were made during the clashes.
The protesters had gathered to demonstrate the deadly shooting of 43-year-old African-American man, Keith Lamont Scott. According to police, officers went to a Charlotte apartment complex looking for a suspect with an outstanding warrant, Tuesday, when they saw Keith Lamont Scott exiting his car. Police claim that Scott was carrying a gun, his family insist he was carrying a book.