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Campaign posters lined the streets of Vienna on Saturday as voters prepared for Sunday's local elections. The far-right Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) looks set to gain ground in the election as a result of the ongoing refugee and migrant crisis in the European Union (EU). The far-right party has gained an electoral boost as a result of the influx of refugees and migrants into Austria in recent months. A survey held by local newspaper 'Der Standard' at the beginning of October showed that the FPO and its candidate Heinz-Christian Strache could achieve 35 percent of the votes, while the ruling Social Democratic Party of Austria (SPO) were predicted to win 36 percent. SPO candidate Michael Haupl has been mayor of Vienna for more than 20 years. In the 2010 local elections, the SPO won with 44.3 percent of the votes, forming a coalition with the Green party. At the time the FPO managed just 25.8 percent of the votes.


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