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Venezuela: Chavistas hand in 13 million signatures to 'No more Trump' campaign

3 22.09.2019 Инфо

M/S Group of protesters setting US flag on fire, Caracas
W/S Demonstrators marching with Venezuelan flags
M/S Demonstrator marching with Venezuelan flag
M/S Demonstrators carrying Hugo Chavez's photo
M/S Truck carrying signatures
M/S Truck driving past
W/S Demonstrators following truck
M/S Woman dancing
M/S Young men playing drums
M/S Demonstrators waving Venezuelan flag
W/S Demonstrators marching with flags and banners
M/S Demonstrators holding anti-Trump banners
W/S Demonstrators gathered in front of stage
M/S Truck carrying signatures
W/S Demonstrators waving flags
M/S Demonstrators waving Venezuelan flags
M/S Demonstrators bringing boxes with signatures against 'Trump intervention' to main stage
W/S Vice President Delcy Rodriguez receiving boxes at main stage
M/S Vice President Delcy Rodriguez receiving boxes at main stage
SOT, Delcy Rodriguez, Venezuelan Vice President (Spanish): "Yes, we go to the United Nations with the truth, we go with the truth to fight for our country, but accompanied by the soul of all of you who stamped these signatures with love for Venezuela, with passion for the Motherland, for our freedom, for our freedom and independence."
C/U Boxes placed at the main stage
W/S People waving Venezuelan flags
Thousands marched through Caracas on Saturday to deliver a total of 13,287,742 signatures collected during 'No more Trump' campaign.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro initiated the campaign August 10 soon after United States imposed sanctions on the Latin American country. During the ceremony, a nationwide petition was delivered in various boxes on stage to the Vice President Delcy Rodriguez.
The signatures will later be delivered to the UN.