SpaceX Counts Down to Coffee Delivery and Rocket Landing

SpaceX is counting down to a Falcon 9 rocket launch that could provide a double shot of space history: delivery of the first zero-G espresso machine to the International Space Station, and the first controlled landing of a rocket stage on a seagoing platform.
The two-stage Falcon 9 is scheduled to launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on April 13.
No technical issues have been reported so far, and the weather outlook calls for a 60 percent chance of acceptable weather for liftoff. Video coverage is being provided by NASA as well as SpaceX.
The robotic mission's primary objective is to deliver more than 4,300 pounds of supplies and payloads, ranging from everyday essentials to scientific experiments to the Italian-built ISSpresso machine.
This will be the sixth of at least 12 automated cargo resupply flights covered by a $1.6 billion contract between NASA and SpaceX.