Germany: Demonstrators protest against Europe Lollapalooza festival in Treptower Park

Dozens of people gathered in Berlin’s Treptower Park, Thursday, to protest against the upcoming Lollapalooza music festival set to be held in the historic park, which is also home to Berlin’s Soviet War Memorial.
One of the protest organisers Dustin Hoffmann emphasised that they do not have a problem with the festival per say, just the chosen location. He said, "We meet today here to demonstrate for our park and against Lollapalooza. Against the Lollapalooza in Treptower Park, not the festival itself. We consider Treptower Park is the wrong place for the Lollapalooza music festival."
Lollapalooza music festival is due to take place in Berlin on September 10 and 11; last year the festival was held at the old Tempelhof Airport, which is now being used as accommodation for hundreds of refugees who arrived in the city in the past year.