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Spain: Fires burn on Barcelona streets as protests enter third day

34 17.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Fire burning
W/S Protesters pushing barricades, Barcelona
M/S Protesters pushing barricades
M/S Police van
M/S Fireworks going off next to police
M/S Barricade and cars on fire
M/S Police trying to hold fence
C/U Hurt protester being carried away
C/U Police aiming at protesters
M/S Barricades on fire
M/S Police officer kicking flare
W/S Flare burning and protester holding cell phones on background
W/S Police vans arriving
M/S Protesters pushing containers
W/S Protesters setting fires
M/S Fire burning
W/S Police in formation
W/S Protesters hitting traffic sign
W/S Police vehicles driving past
W/S Police officers moving towards protesters
M/S Protesters pushing container
M/S Firefighters arriving
W/S Protesters burning containers
M/S Man trying to extinguish fire
W/S Fire burning
W/S Protesters chanting
W/S Streets full of debris
Barricades and rubbish containers were set on fire as police and demonstrators clashed for the third straight day in Barcelona on Wednesday, as the Spanish Supreme Court sentenced Catalan independence leaders to 13 years in prison.
Footage shows protesters pushing barricades protecting the Ministry of Home Affairs of Catalonia, as police officers arrive trying to disperse the protesters. Firefighters and local residents trying to extinguish the fires set by protesters can also be seen.
Spain's Supreme Court convicted twelve independence leaders, including former Catalan Vice President Oriol Junqueras, for their role in the autonomous region's attempt to secession and holding an illegal independence referendum. Nine of the pro-independence convicted were given jail sentences ranging from nine to 12 years.