North Korea would Find Flexible Nuclear Negotiations Partner in US, Envoy Says

A US envoy said on Monday the recent nuclear deal with Iran showed that the US can be flexible with a willing counterpart, including North Korea if it decides it wants talks on its nuclear programe.
Also on Monday, North Korea marked the anniversary of the armistice that ended fighting in the Korean war more than six decades ago. Officials used the occasion to warn that another war on the Korean peninsula would leave no Americans alive to sign a surrender document. Pyongyang and other cities were decked out with flags and banners as patriotic gatherings and mass dance celebrations marked the 27 July 1953 agreement that brought the three-year war to an end with an armistice, not a peace treaty.
In a speech to veterans on Saturday, leader Kim Jong-un said “gone forever is the era when the United States blackmailed us with nukes” and added that his nuclear-armed country was now “the very source of fear” for the US.
North Korea has said it is not interested in an Iran-like dialogue to give up its nuclear capabilities, which it has called an “essential deterrence” against hostile US policy.