The Black Sabbath Feud Just Got Much Worse

One day after Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward released a statement blasting frontman Ozzy Osbourne, the Sabbath frontman bluntly asked his former drummer what he was on about, though in more colorful vernacular.
Ward adamantly demanded an apology for comments the Oz-man made two years prior, when the iconic metal band put on a reunion tour.
The 66-year-old drummer disagreed with the contract for the reunion tour, which can to fruition in 2011, and ultimately did not partake in the reunion.
Osbourne has called Ward's claims that a 2011 Black Sabbath reunion contract was "unsignable" disingenuous.
Instead, Osbourne claims Ward's ill health prevented the drummer from touring with his bandmates.
The aged rock singer furthermore stated that Ward experienced repeat hospital stays during 2013; that latest of which was for shoulder surgery. That tour hosted dozens of shows through the Spring, Summer and Fall of 2013.