Investment Purchases That are Totally Worth it

After graduating from college and working on a tight budget, it's difficult to pinpoint where to invest your hard-earned money. Here are some good places to make an investment. Number 1: A nice, tailored suit. Men, if you don't already have one nicely tailored suit, it's time to go out and get one. Although it's an expensive item, this suit will carry you through interviews, internships, work, weddings, dates, etc. Number 2: a versatile cocktail dress. Same goes for us, ladies. A basic but versatile cocktail dress is essential for post-graduation life. Number 3: Quality mattress. Although you might be tempted to pick up a mattress while you're doing an IKEA haul, leave those for the college students and head to your local mattress store. And lastly, a high quality Vitamix blender.