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General Secretary of Unite Len McCluskey gave a speech at an anti-austerity rally in Manchester, Sunday, where he condemned the Trade Union Bill introduced by the Conservative government. McCluskey called the bill "pernicious" and said that Unite, the largest union in Britain and Ireland, will "stand by our members in struggle," adding that "if that means taking us outside of the law then so be it." The Unite leader also condemned the current Tory government and the dismantling of public services in the UK. "We're here in order to send a very clear message to this Tory government. If they thought on May the 7th that we were going to disappear, well, think again because we're here to fight for everything that belongs to us, our welfare state, our National Health Service, universal education," he said. Thousands of activists gathered on Oxford Road for the rally, which coincided with the opening day of the Conservative party conference held nearby. Protesters held banners condemning the austerity policies of the Tories. Singer Billy Bragg performed at the event, singing songs such as 'There is Power in a Union.' The Trade Union Bill will make it incredibly difficult for unions to strike in the UK and includes a number of severe clauses such as forcing protesting workers to wear an armband to identify themselves during rallies. Leonard David "Len" McCluskey is an English trade unionist who has been the General Secretary of Unite since 2011. McCluskey has already come under fire in the past for his speeches, including calling the Tories 'bastards' whilst on stage with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn several months ago.


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