Argentina: Thousands protest Marci's veto against anti-layoff laws

Thousands of workers took to the streets of Buenos Aires on Thursday after Argentine President Mauricio Macri made an official veto against the anti-layoff laws passed by senate last week.
The demonstrators marched through the city and later gathered at Plaza de Mayo, blocking downtown traffic. Hundreds of heavily armoured police were deployed to the protest site.
The action was part of a strike organised by the Argentine Workers' Central Union following Macri's veto on bills passed in senate on May 23 designed to prevent mass lay-offs, cuts to the public sector and wage stagnation.
Unions estimate that over 100,000 workers are reported to have lost their jobs since Macri took office in December 2015, among them are thousands of state workers. Macri justifies his business-friendly policies with the need to attract foreign investment and pull Argentina's stagnating economy out of recession.