Активистки на ФЕМЕН се целуват страстно като антихомофобски протест

FEMEN activists staged a topless demonstration outside the Hassan Tower in Rabat on Tuesday. In front of the press, the two women arrived and quickly removed their clothing. They stood with their fists raised defiantly in the air before turning to kiss one another, the words "in gay we trust" inscribed across their naked chests. Homosexuality remains illegal in Morocco and to be found guilty of engaging in it risks serving a prison sentence of between six months to three years. Tuesday's action is meant to encourage the Moroccan government to abolish its current anti-homosexual laws. FEMEN protest that respecting the commitment made in the drafting of its constitution in 2011, which states the state must "banish and fight discrimination against anyone" entails ending prosecuting and punishing homosexuality. On May 22 three homosexuals were each sentenced to three years prison time.