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Elzbieta Bienkowska, European Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship, addressed the emissions scandal involving German car manufacturer Volkswagen, in Brussels on Thursday. Bienkowska stated that once the EU member states have established the facts regarding the case, work on developing a new emissions test can begin. The new test has to be 'ambitious', 'robust' and ready within the next month said Bienkowska. Volkswagen has been forced by US authorities to recall about 500,000 cars after the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found out that VW is using "defeat devices." Defeat devices allow diesel car computers to make the engine run 40 times cleaner during tests for emissions. Additionally, according to the agency, VW might face a multi-billion dollar fine as a result, with experts estimating that the whole incident could cost the car giant a total of around $18 billion (€16 billion). The EPA found the defeat devices in diesel cars including the VW Jetta, Beetle, Golf and Passat models as well as the Audi A3.


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