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Lebanon: Anti-govt. protesters show 'Joker' face of 'revolution'

6 23.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Protesters gathered, Beirut
M/S Joker face painted on wall
C/U Joker face painted on wall
SOT, Protester (Arabic): "First of all, this is the face of revolution and rebellion. We have come to the streets to demand our rights. The people do not get their minimum rights. I appeal to all people to come to the streets, this is the duty of everyone."
SOT, Protester (Arabic): "I know a lot of people at school can't buy school books, despite the cheap prices of government schools, they can't buy books. This is the degree of poverty. I ask all the people to take to the streets to topple this government."
M/S Protesters waving Lebanese flags *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Protester (Arabic): "This face is the face of anger, the face of revolution, the face of revenge, the face of insubordination, this is the face of politicians when they appear on the screen, that is how we see them."
M/S Protesters gathered waving Lebanese flags *CUTAWAY*
M/S Protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Protester (Arabic): "We are here to make people laugh. Tell me, is your hair messed up? Or is there something wrong with you?"
SOT, Protester (Arabic): "This is my testimony - happiness, I make people laugh, this is the face of the revolution, but we will make it laugh we are working on this to make it a laughing face, we don't want people to be scared of this face, we want people to love it. When they see it they feel happiness and not fear, to see people and make them happy about it."
Cameraman (Arabic): "Is this the face of revolution in the whole world?"
Protester (Arabic): "Only in Lebanon, in Lebanon we stand together, and we all are one, we want to change the image of revolution to an image of laughter."
M/S Protesters marching *CUTAWAY*
W/S Protesters gathered *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Protester (Arabic): "Against every political party, sending it's thugs to the streets, to stand against the protesters, because they are tired of poverty."
SOT, Protester (Arabic): "This revolution is against injustice, this revolution is for the poor people who rise up against their oppressive rulers."
M/S Stall selling masks
M/S Protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks
C/U Masks
Anti-government protesters in Beirut donned makeup in the style of comic villain 'The Joker' as well as Guy Fawkes masks as demonstrations continued into their sixth day on Tuesday.
Footage shows the image of the DC comic villain painted onto walls in the Lebanese capital as well as protesters sporting makeup in the style of Joaquin Phoenix's recent big-screen portrayal of the character.
"First of all, this is the face of revolution and rebellion. We have come to the streets to demand our rights," one protester said.
Another protester, wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, stated that people should "love" the face and not be afraid.
Demonstrations continue in Beirut despite Prime Minister Saad Hariri's announcement of the economic reform package during a televised address on Monday.
The current demonstrations are believed to be the country's biggest since 2015, as people protest against deteriorating living conditions, austerity measures, capital flight and the rise of the deficit and public debt.