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Egypt: Ambulances arrive at Cairo morgue to collect victims' bodies

4 01.11.2015 Инфо

A convoy of ambulances pulled into the Zeinhom morgue in Cairo to collect the bodies of the victims of the crashed Russian Airbus A321 for repatriation to Russia, Sunday. Kogalymavia (Metrojet) flight 7K9268 is reported to have crashed in Sinai around 23 minutes after take-off on Saturday. There were a total of 224 people on board - 217 passengers, including 25 children, and seven crew members, with reports indicating that all but five passengers - four Ukrainians and one Belarussian - were Russian. The relatives of the victims are currently being treated by psychologists in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in St. Petersburg. Russian and St. Petersburg flags, among others, flew at half-mast on government buildings and municipal facilities throughout St. Petersburg, Sunday, as President Vladimir Putin declared a national day of mourning following the crash.