Ed Miliband's Son Tells Him: 'You Used to Be Famous'

Ed Miliband’s six-year-old son told him he “used to be famous”, the former Labour leader has disclosed, as he made his first backbench speech in nine years.
Mr Miliband, who resigned after Labour’s crushing general election defeat, was praised for his swift return to the House of Commons by George Osborne who said it was "good to see him back in the chamber".
In a humorous and self-deprecating speech, Mr Miliband said: "In the time since the general election I can report to the house that I have found some small consolations of losing - spending time with my two boys who feel that they have their Dad back. Though I confess that my eldest, who has just turned six, did bring me further down to earth last week.
"He suddenly turned to me out of the blue and said: 'Dad if there's a fire in our house, I think we'll be OK'.
"I said, 'Why's that Daniel?'. He said, 'Because if we ring the fire brigade they will recognise your name, because you used to be famous'. 'Thanks very much', I said."