Windows 10 Seems to Run Smoother and Faster Than OS X on New MacBook

Love the new MacBook's svelte design, but not a fan of OS X 10.10 Yosemite? There's good news: According to a new test, Windows 10 apparently runs more smoothly on the new MacBook.
Alex King, a computer science student studying at Tufts University, spent a month with the new 12-inch MacBook and provided some insightful new details about running the beta version of Windows 10 on it.
King installed Windows 10 using Boot Camp, meaning his new MacBook boots natively into Windows 10, as opposed to being emulated in a virtual machine within OS X. Using virtual machine software like the popular Parallels usually requires more resources, and thus, performance is slower. King also praised Microsoft Edge, Windows 10's new web browser, for being "fast to render pages" and handling "a large number of tabs admirably."