How Does the Islamic State Inspired Lone Wolf Attacks?

Experts said Tuesday, the Islamic State is claiming responsibility for the shooting in Garland, Texas, as proof of its effectiveness at capitalizing on so-called lone wolf attacks — even when it has no hand in planning or paying for them.
The Islamic State provided no evidence to support its claim after the shooting on Sunday at a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest.
None-the-less, experts told NBC News that accepting responsibility was a cheap way for the militants to achieve their terrorist goals.
J.M. Berger, co-author of "ISIS: The State of Terror" stated, inspiring lone-wolf attackers has been "the holy grail of terrorist groups for decades" because they can generate destruction and worldwide publicity without spending money or resources.
Social media sites are effective because they can utilize considerable clout to issue widespread messages urging its supporters to attack, while other radically minded users act as a peer-pressure group to encourage possible perpetrators.