Food Worker Receives International Praise For Assisting Disabled Patron

Dr. David Jones is still impressed by the sight of it; a smiling fast-food worker taking the time to feed a disabled woman her favorite meal, a steak burrito.
Jones was eating dinner with his wife at a Mexican restaurant in Louisville last month when he noticed the worker helping a woman pull her wheelchair up to the table.
The worker chatted with her, put on some latex gloves, grabbed her burrito and began helping her take bites.
Jones took out his phone and recorded a 51-second video of the good deed, later sharing it with a few friends.
They urged him to send it to a local news station, and the video spread around the Internet after that.
The worker, Ridge Quarles, didn't know he was being filmed.
Quarles and other a few other workers had been assisting the woman for years at the Qdoba restaurant.