Syria: Refugee children 'playing, drinking and bathing in oil-contaminated water' - ICRC

Spokesperson for the International Committee of the Red Cross Ingy Sedky described the "inhumane" situation in Syrian refugee camps, in an interview in Damascus, Tuesday.
A joint team from the ICRC and Syrian Arab Red Crescent has recently visited two refugee camps in the provinces of Raqqa and Al-Hasakah. Sedky described how the refugees face a daily battle against the 50°C heat, oil-contaminated water and lack of basic medical supplies.
The ICRC spokesperson noted that the refugees "are playing and drinking and bathing in oil-contaminated water, and there is a wide spread of skin diseases among the children," before adding "it's getting really inhumane, and everything should be done in order to protect them and to save them."
An estimated 70,000 people are living in such camps, which are often in remote locations, making the delivery of supplies difficult. With Syrian government forces advancing on Deir ez-Zor, the number of refugees in these camps is expected to increase.