Amanda Knox Appeal Sent to Italy's Highest Court

American Amanda Knox and her Italian ex-boyfriend expect to learn their fate Wednesday when Italy's highest court hears the appeal of their guilty verdicts in the brutal 2007 murder of Knox's British roommate.
Several outcomes are possible, including confirmation of the verdicts, a new appeals round, or even a ruling that amounts to an acquittal in the sensational case that has captivated audiences on both sides of the Atlantic.
The 27-year-old Knox and 30-year-old Raffaele Sollecito were convicted of the murder by a trial court in Perugia in 2009.
They were freed in 2011 after a Perugia appellate court overturned the convictions, yet found themselves back in an appellate court after the Court of Cassation vacated the acquittals in 2013 in a harsh rebuke of the Perugia chief appellate judge's reasoning.