Brazil: Paralysed PhD researcher creates entire thesis by blinking and moving chin

Quadriplegic PhD researcher Ana Amalia Barbosa made an ground-breaking step for academia in Sao Paulo, Tuesday, writing, presenting, and defending her thesis and book, entitled 'Beyond the Body', entirely by blinking and moving her jaw. The 49-year-old academic suffered a stroke, leaving her with minimal ability to move her body, to the extent that she cannot chew and swallow with assistance. However, by placing an ingenious sensor on her chin, Barbosa can move her jaw, sending a message to a virtual keyboard allowing her to write what she wants. For everyday communication, the researcher blinks in correspondence with a card that tells her fellow conversationalists what she wants to say. Barbosa's work is centred on the importance of the body in culture and its effect on one's learning experiences, using research into art classes for children with cerebral palsy among other educational projects. The thesis endeavours to approach education as a regenerative force, giving the people educational autonomy through adapting teaching methods and concepts to the learner's physical environment.