Alcatel's $250 Idol 3 is a Nexus by Another Name

For Android purists, there are no better devices than Google's own Nexus-branded ones. There are many reasons why Nexus phones are better than other Android phones: They run Google's unaltered version of Android, they're the first devices to get software updates, they don't have bloatware, and they're really well-designed. For a time, Google sold the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, two phones with all of the above at very attractive prices from around $200-$399 unlocked. Then in 2014, Google switched gears with the Nexus 6. It's an excellent phone, but its price isn't very Nexus-like: $649 for an unlocked model. Fans got upset, but Google's reasoning was this: Android no longer needed a hero phone anymore; the 4 and 5 did the job as blueprints for device makers and now its mission was complete.