Majestic - Deadly For Real [audio]

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Producer: Rameca Records
Music: hala-X
Lyrics, Sound Recording & Mastering: Majestic
Photographer: Georgi Gramatikov
Photoshop Designer: Vassil Vassilev



Now I’m about to start spittin’…

[Verse 1]

A tingling in my brain, I think that I’m insane,
I’m at a point where I question my own fucking name,
It’s ‘cause of all the split personalities I came,
Up with, can’t remember which one I grew up with,
I thought it was a myth, but I’ll say it through my teeth,
I have imaginary friends I converse with,
Because I’ve reached a point where I’m so disappointed,
Of being surrounded by only idiots,
Who waste my time asking stupid fucking questions,
“Why this? Why that?” Why my pants are saggin’?
Not ‘cause I’m a faggot, but I’m hidin’ a magnum,
I’ve got so much rage that you cannot even fathom,
Now imagine, if I could do the damage with the passion,
That I have, in the fashion, of Barack Obama,
With the license to kill, telling us Osama,
Is dead, but I’ve got a question still…
Mr. President? – Yes
Was this time deadly for real? - Unfortunately

[Chorus 2X]

I shine over beats, a motherfucking beast through my mic,
List the kids who talk shit and you will get touched,
Fact is I got this rap shit locked,
I just needed something to rhyme with; I’m deadly for real.

[Verse 2]

I can hurt you with my words, kill you with a verse,
First I be on you like a motherfucking curse,
Think this is bad enough? Let me tell you what’s even worse,
I can make you skip the nurse and lay you down into a hearse,
Of course, just like Star Wars be with me may the force,
If I just confused you that’s because my metaphors,
Are too sophisticated for you fellow, on another level,
And unlike other rappers I wasn’t born into the ghetto, (nope)
But I can still turn your brain into a mashed potato,
For real though, I don’t need a fucking gat,
‘Cause my homies, the only thing they got is my motherfucking back,
Like a wolf pack, we only approach in pitch black,
And before we snack on you, you wish you had a heart attack,
Call it payback even if you never did jack,
Shit bitch, watch me as I’m bringing sexy back,
With a clip in the mac, first I click-clack and brrap!

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse 3]

To look for competition I just find it in the mirror,
I see a tough guy and I say: ‘I gotta beat him!’,
Defense or attack but never once retreatin’,
You would have to fall asleep and keep on dreamin’,
If you want to stand a chance in throwin’ me a beatin’,
I’m kiddin’, ‘cause even if you’re sleepin’ like a kitten,
I’ll be hidden in your dreams so call me Freddy Krueger,
Like a cougar I will slice your nose clean with every single booger,
And as you scream to me: “Please don’t do it!”,
I’ll be filling up your nostrils with poisonous fluid,
Now your stupid face is ruined and you wake up,
But you can’t shake me off ‘cause you have just been mind-fucked!
It’s hard to beat something, that never gives up,
But Imma keep on goin’ ‘cause I still don’t give a fuck,
I’m so careless that every day I push my luck,
If you don’t hate me yet, means I’m not successful enough...
But I will be…Vinnie Paz…finish these bitches off…

[Chorus 4X]


Yeah…I’m deadly bitch…for real though…haha…nah I ain’t playin’…shiiiiiiiit…hahahaha…no I’m fucking serious man…yea…I’ll kill you…hahahahaha