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Netanyahu 'Shocked' by Ethiopian Soldier's Assault

33 04.05.2015 Инфо

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday his country "cannot accept" a video allegedly showing police beating an Ethiopian Israeli soldier which sparked angry protests on the streets of Tel Aviv.
Netanyahu met Israeli soldier Damas Pakada a day after violent clashes broke out between police and thousands of demonstrators who claimed the video was evidence of racism and police brutality.
Netanyahu told the soldier, "I want to tell you that I was shocked, shocked over this thing,""We cannot accept this. The police are dealing with it and we will need to change things."
Pakada said afterward that he was encouraged by the "prime minister's personal initiative to talk to me and meet with me," and describing it as "a good meeting."
He added that while he supported the protests he was disappointed they had deteriorated into violence.