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Croatia: Exhausted refugees continue to arrive at Opatovac refugee camp

17 26.09.2015 Инфо

Migrants and refugees continued to arrive at Croatia's Opatovac refugee transit camp near the border with Serbia, Saturday, to rest before continuing their journey to northern Europe. Many of the arrivals, who crossed the border either on foot or by bus, were still wearing summer clothes and shoes and arrived exhausted and cold, after being surprised by the harsh weather that had hit the Balkans recently. The Serbian authorities alongside NGOs such as Doctors Without Borders provided immediate humanitarian aid such as basic medical treatments and vans full of clothes, shoes, food and hygienic supplies. According to Serbia's Interior Ministry, the Opatovac Temporary Admission Center is currently hosting around 1,900 migrants and refugees. In total, an estimated 60,000 have entered Croatia in 2015 as of September 25.