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The G7 states are not ruling out toughening sanction against Russia "if it is necessary," German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated at her final G7 press conference in Kruen, Bavaria on Monday. Merkel said the seven member states still believe that the only solution the Ukraine crisis is the implementation of the Minsk agreements. The German chancellor added that the G7 states are not intending to toughen sanctions against Russia, but will increase them if the Minsk protocol is disregarded. We will "toughen the sanctions if the situation requires us to do so," she added. Merkel also addressed a number of concerns the G7 members discussed including international trade, women's rights and the fight against terrorism. She said resolving the crisis in Libya was "extremely important" because "floods of refugees" are coming from Libya to Europe. The heads of states of all G7 nations - Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the USA - were at Schloss Elmau for a two-day G7 summit. Formerly known as the G8, its current members decided to exclude Russia from the group in March 2014, citing its actions in Crimea and in eastern Ukraine as the principle reasons.


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