China: PM May vows to leave EU as Obama backtracks on punishing UK for Brexit

US President Barack Obama and UK Prime Minister Theresa May held a press conference in Hangzhou, on Sunday, following their formal meeting hours before the official opening ceremony of the G20 summit.
The situation in Syria, the ongoing refugee crisis and international terrorism topped the agenda of the meeting, alongside Brexit, with both leaders saying the referendum vote should be respected. Obama said that despite inferences that a Brexit vote would be ‘punished’ by the US, Washington had only ever wanted to push through the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP) and were simply protecting those negotiations when describing their antagonism to the UK leaving the EU.
May stressed that despite widespread criticism over the referendum both at home and abroad, “there will be no second referendum, no attempt to set the clock back, no attempt to try to get out of this. The UK will be leaving the European Union."
The G20 summit, held between 4 and 5 September in Hangzhou, sees governments and representatives from 20 major economic powers meet and discuss strategies for fiscal policy and international financial stability. 2016’s G20 summit will be the 11th of its kind. It is the first time that China, Asia's largest economic power, has held the summit.