Russia: Banner calling Obama "killer" hung opposite US embassy in Moscow

Activists from pro-Russian art organisation Glavplakat unfurled a banner of US President Barack Obama with the word "Killer" written on it, from a building opposite the US embassy in Moscow, Wednesday.
The banner, which references a famous Obama campaign banner from 2008, but replaces the original word "Hope" with "Killer," is reportedly 10 metres (32.8 feet) long and spreads across three stories of the building it was hung from.
Shortly after activists unfurled the banner, the organisation published a statement online informing the public of their motivation for the action. The statement claimed the banner was put up to protest against 'the U.S. government planning another military intervention on the territory of another country.'
The statement further claimed that the word 'Killer' was used following Obama's decision to 'deploy the infamous 101st Airborne Division to Syria.'