Majestic - Fade Away [audio]

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Producer: Rameca Records
Music: Nine Diamond
Lyrics, Sound Recording & Mastering: Majestic
Model: Stanislava Djakova
Photoshop Designer: Evgeni Hristov



Ain’t nothing like the summer time,
I’m chillin’ in the sun of mine,
I’m ordering and sippin’ on the finer champagne.
Ain’t no tellin’ what I’m gonna say,
Tell me what I’m really gonna do today,
Maybe I hit the freeway,
Drop the top and lean the scene and fade away…

[Verse 1]

O-Oh did you hear that? Double Ba-retta shot?
Followed by a 2-time champagne bottle pop.
Time to celebrate that I quit my job,
Best believe summer beats working at the shop!
Now with a tank top and a pair of Dre Beats,
I am walking on the streets, even smiling at police.
Hear, hear, did you hear summer’s finally here?
So let’s make the best memories of the entire year!
Yeaaaaaaaaah buddy!
So put your hands up in the air and have another beer,
Come over here with the rum so we can drink it in the sun,
Feel like Jack Sparrow in the Pi-rates of the Carribe-an,
Alright let’s go and have some fun since the day has just begun,
Find a couple ladies, pop some panties and get laid,
You can have the fishies in the sea mate,
‘Cause I’m finding me a mermaid!


[Verse 2]

Yeaaaah, Oh, Sorry, my bad, I got carried away again celebrating,
Don’t be hating that I get to do as so,
While in the summer you be working your ass off.
Listen brother, would you not rather,
Quit your job now and enjoy the fucking summer,
Because in the fall you can go and find another?
Word to your mother, this is real talk,
Don’t you walk away instead throw away this stupid clock.
Forget the difference between night and day,
Use up 24 hours just to celebrate,
I think you underestimate so let me demonstrate.
Put a slut and a hoe in my cabrio,
Rent a house on the beach and go “this my crib yo”,
Don’t worry about the dough, I got money on the street bro,
Oh and this is 1 night, and 60 more to go!



Lying on the beach with a beautiful bitch,
Staring at each other but we still don’t kiss,
No need to rush, I want to cherish this,
So like my iPod I will put it on repeat,
‘Cause I will do this for the next 2 weeks!