Джони - котката, бягаща от войната в Сирия

A young man from Syria held his pet cat Johnny at a makeshift camp near the village of Roszke, Wednesday. Many refugees left almost everything behind but their pets and many at the camp can be seen with their dog or cat with whom they have travelled over 2,000 km (1,242 miles). Earlier on Wednesday hundreds of refugees walked along the M5 highway near Roszke in an attempt to escape from the temporary camp located outside the village. Police stopped the refugees soon after they left their makeshift camp and escorted them off the highway. According to the police, buses are expected to arrive that will take the refugees directly to the Austria-Hungary border. The refugees, many of whom come from Syria, had been left stranded in Hungary after authorities cracked down on their onward passage to western Europe, closing train and bus stations and stepping up border patrols. The government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban has blamed other European countries for the crisis, in particular Germany, which last month stated it would grant asylum seekers from Syria special status. Several eastern European leaders have joined Orban in attempting to discourage migration routes through Europe while other European states including France and Germany have called for a mandate allowing large numbers of refugees to settle within the European Union, with member states sharing the responsibility.