Suspect In Church Massacre Almost Left Due to Congregation's Kindness

The callow young white man accused of shooting nine people in a church in Charleston, South Carolina almost walked away.
The mostly black congregation at the Emanuel African American Methodist Episcopal Church has greeted and treated the young man so kindly, he had reservations towards completing his self-described mission.
The 21-year-old Dylann Roof sat for nearly an hour with the bible study group before opening fire and killing nine.
His alleged mission set the young man on the path of destruction as he intended to protect the white race.
What he sought to protect, however, is now the target of speculation.
Joseph Meek, a middle school friend of Roof who recently reconnected with him, believes he has a clue.
Meek told The Associated Press that Roof had ranted about black people taking over the world, and a return to segregation in recent weeks.