4 Killed When Boat Capsizes in Utah Windstorm

A summery day on a Utah lake turned deadly for a family and friends when high waves and violent winds kicked up and capsized their boat. All seven people were thrown into the cold water. Rescuers reached the group and pulled them from the water two hours later, but Utah State Parks Lt. Eric Stucki said father Lance Capener died at the lake. All the passengers on the boat were wearing life jackets, but the cold water most likely induced hypothermia.
Lance Capener's daughters Kelsey and Kilee Capener, and their friend Sierra Hadley, were flown to a Salt Lake City hospital--but died early Tuesday.
Mother Kathy Capener was hospitalized in the northern Utah city of Logan, along with family friends Tiffany Stoker and Tylinn Tilley, both 14 years old. Stucki said the teens were released from the hospital Tuesday.